A Day At Celebrity Fitness (Basic Yoga Class)

December 09, 2015

If you guys follow me on twitter or instagram, you must've known already that I went to Celebrity Fitness for a basic yoga class couple weeks ago along with my fellow blogger friends and Female Daily members! I believe than beauty isn't only about you look, doing makeup and such, but also a healthy lifestyle. Isn't it good to feel beautiful inside out? :)
We went to Celebrity Fitness Platinum at FX Mall Senayan

Address: FX Lifestyle X'nter, F4
Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Kota Jakarta Pusat
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10270
Phone: (6221) 25554288
Getting ready for our basic yoga class with pretty Wenny from www.shesaysbeauty.com :D
Though it's only basic yoga, but I felt refreshed afterwards. I think I should make go to the yoga class regularly to keep my body fit and toned haha. #bodygoals

They also got us healthy drink and lunch that day.
This set doesn't look much but I felt so full. And I never knew that healthy foods can be that tasty though, I don't mind having this kind of meal everyday :D
Every visitor is provided a card for the locker, and fresh clean towel. I like how clean the place was, I meant when I go to the gym, hygiene and sanitary will always be my top priority, don't you agree?
Locker room selfie hehe.
There are lots of space to blow dry my hair, I really appreciate they provide seats there, because not every gym provides it, mostly they only provide blow dryer alone.
I think I should start joining Celebrity Fitness and have a healthier lifestyle ASAP! :)

 J E S S I E 


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  1. Sounds really great.. I try yoga twice but i just use workout dvds and apps..

  2. Huahahaha jadi inget masa2 dulu aku juga jadi member ini gym, udah lama banget, 2005-2008. Karena dulu ceritanya masih single tanpa anak, jadi mau apa aja juga hepi dah, paling hepi kalau di kamar mandinya, bisa lebih lama di sana daripada berkutat dengan mesin2nya XDDD~

    Sekarang udah gak bisa lagi, secara farrel ruwet banget, diajak ke sana waktu ngunjungin temen yang lagi gym, dan dia hampir bikin orang lain celaka XDDD~

    Sekarang cuma ngandalin DVD aja olahraga di rumah, yang penting berusaha ya kan XD

    1. yang penting tetep olahraga mer! :D
      stay fit!

  3. Aku dapet yg di Gold's Gym, seminggu setelah ini kayaknya... Dan itu Vinyasa bzzzzz.. Mau matekkkk udh hampir 1 tahun ngga yoga *sigh... Nice post Jess


    1. oiyaaa aku liat di instagramnya ce putri juga hehehe :)

  4. i did some pilates back in the days, thinking baout getting a new regimen. thanks jess

    xoxo, Beauty Redemption

  5. Great post! =)



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