December 31, 2011

It's the last day in 2011. Not thinking of New Year Resolutions, but I'm still not sure If I'm ready to face another new year though. Get ready to back to college life--just to let you know, college's starting on January 2nd, and my final tests are starting from January 9th. So for everyone who's in uni and you will be still enjoying your holiday in January, you're lucky. Oh well, maybe you're not that lucky, I'm the one who's not lucky enough.

A new year is on the way. I know I'm pretty weird but I just want to stay 19 years old forever. This year is my last nineteen. Alright, read it again: This year is my last nineteen.

Being nineteen is great, I know all of you love your teens-day too. And I'm not ready to leave it. I'm not ready for being twenty. Am I hyperbolic? Errr, actually yes, because today is not my last nineteen. My birthday is on February 16th HAHAHAHAHAH! If I'm still not ready today, maybe I can face the truth tomorrow, next week, next month, who knows?

And for the Resolution that are not related to beauty thingy:
1. Better grades in college.
2. Start speak in english
3. Learn Mandarin diligently
4. Learn car driving (manual)
5. Eat more sushi

Most of the resolutions are about learning and learning, yep I love learning, especially something new. About the second resolution, I've been learning english since I was a child, but never speak in english with family members or friends. I just talk in english in class or in guiding practice (I'll try to explain about guiding practice later on other post peeps hehe) so I want to talk english fluently, thats why.
Different thing with Mandarin language, I started to learn Mandarin since high school, but apparently I'm really bad at it. I need to learn Mandarin more diligent!
The fourth resolution, hmm, actually I can drive a automatic car hehe, but not a manual car, and sadly, all of the cars in my house are manual. I need to drive a manual car if I want to go somewhere (if needed).
I don't know the reason about eat more sushi but sushi is my favorite food in the world (beside pasta in carbonara sauce), and I want to eat sushi MORE MORE MORE!

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